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Kickstarter Welcome to Miskatonic University: An Anthology

Last Update: 3/5/2018 7:04 PM
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3/5/2018 7:04 PM

Ogni tanto passa anche un KS di sola letteratura [SM=g27989]

$7—Anthology (ebook): Dive into Miskatonic University! Get the Welcome to Miskatonic University anthology in digital form. At least 12 stories included.

$15—Both Anthologies (ebook): Stick around for another semester! Get both anthologies in digital form. At least 26 stories included plus the My Miskatonic guidebook.

$20—Paperback: Physical books just in time for the start of class. At least 12 stories included in Welcome to Miskatonic University plus the My Miskatonic guidebook.

$20—Other Paperback: Of course, you have more than one class to take. At least 14 stories included in It Came from Miskatonic University plus the My Miskatonic guidebook.

$30—All Digital + Previews: In addition to the ebooks, you also get stories in advance of the full release through our digital magazine Eyedolon alongside other great fiction and anything digital unlocked. And we'll take you behind the curtain to see the process of how the anthology is made (including into the next open call if that's unlocked).

$35—Hardcover: Not gonna lie, the matte-finish hardcovers feel incredible with an velvety touch.

$40—Both Paperbacks: You have a full course load, so you'll need both books.

$50—Both Paperbacks + Sticker + Previews: You'll also get the Miskatonic University bumper sticker, featuring the crest of the university.

$60—Retailer: Retailers only. Make a pledge, and we'll contact you closer to launch to set up your pre-release package. US ONLY.

$70—Both Hardcovers: Who doesn't love hardcovers? (That's rhetorical as I couldn't bear to know.) There is no limit to the hardcovers, but they are only available through the Kickstarter (and we'll likely have just a few leftovers for conventions).

$85—Both Hardcovers + Sticker + Previews: Both hardcovers. And the bumper sticker. And the previews!

$100—Personalized Hardcovers + More Stickers: We're making even more stickers with artist Jeremy Zerfoss! And we'll personalize the books just for you.

$140—Both Hardcovers + Posters: You can choose from our available posters, featuring the full cover art for many of our titles (unsullied by cover text).

$150—Doodles: We'll doodle in your books! The editors will hand draw marginalia randomly in your books. No two the same. (Also signed and personalized.)

$200—Critique (AC Wise): Author AC Wise will give you feedback on your short story! (And books with doodles.)

$200—Critique (Erica Satifka): Author Erica Satifka will give you feedback on your short story! (And books with doodles.)

$300—Limited Edition Hardcovers: This is a beautiful HANDCRAFTED embossed leatherette cover with ribbon bookmarks and fancy end paper. If the second anthology is unlocked, this will collect both anthologies in one book as a very special flip format: one anthology flowing one direction, the other flowing the opposite direction. Signed, numbered, and personalized.

$450—Squid Squad: These hats are just amazing. Handmade customizable fleece creations to keep your noggin toasty. (Plus we'll name your hat and give you both a second life in My Miskatonic.) US ONLY.

$500—Commission: Give us your detailed concept, and we'll make it into the perfect biography (complete with portrait illustration) or other piece for My Miskatonic if the expanded version is unlocked.

$750—Archival-Quality Framed Canvas Print: Printed on archival-quality canvas (15"x20") and stretched and stapled on 5/8″ wooden frame. Available for many of the cover illustrations from our books. US ONLY.

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